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The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Nature Conservancy of Canada Logo
Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has a long history with the Conservation Data Centre (CDC). NCC was one of the original partners in the formation of the CDC. The relationship has been strengthened by the establishment of a local NCC office and reinvigorated national offices of both NCC in Toronto and NatureServe (CDC’s) in Ottawa. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) protects areas of natural diversity for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of our children and those after them.

The Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan

Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan Logo
The Native Plant Society (NPSS) has been a long-time supporter of the Conservation Data Centre (CDC). The NPSS has been using CDC information and promoting, to its members, the value of contributing information back to the CDC. Recently, NPSS has taken on a co-management role with the CDC and strengthened this relationship even further. The Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan strives to promote understanding and conservation of native plants and their ecosystems by facilitating communication, research, and education. The NPSS is a non-profit, member-driven organization that believes in achieving goals through active, impartial dialogue with all stakeholders.

Nature Saskatchewan

Nature Saskatchewan Logo
Nature Saskatchewan has been a long-standing partner with the Conservation Data Centre(CDC). The organization has had a co-management role in the CDC since 1997 and continues to be a valued partner. Nature Saskatchewan has been dedicated to the conservation of Saskatchewan's natural environment since 1949. It promotes appreciation and understanding of our natural world through conservation, education and research.

The Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council

The Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council Logo
The Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council (SISC) and the SKCDC began a new partnership in 2014. The SISC is a not-for-profit association of professionals from federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as well as industry and non-government organizations. They enable collaboration and work in partnerships to guard Saskatchewan against invasive alien invaders by providing leadership, knowledge and expertise as well as a forum to engage, enable and empower citizens to take action on invasive species issues.

The Botanical Assessment Working Group

A botanical working group was initiated by the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC) to establish a provincial body of botanical experts to advise on species rankings. The purpose of this working group is to reassess current information on the distribution, ecology, and conservation status of Saskatchewan’s rare and endangered plant species.

SKCDC is grateful for the participation of the following BAWG members:

  • Hugo Cota-Sanchez, Professor and Herbarium Curator, Department of Biology and W.P. Fraser Herbarium (SASK), University of Saskatchewan - View lab website
  • Bob Godwin
  • Vernon L. Harms, Emeritus Professor of Botany, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
  • Glen Lee
  • Anna Leighton, member of Flora of Saskatchewan Association
  • Joanne Marchand, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Emily Putz/Ashley Vass, Habitat Stewardship Coordinator for Rare Plant Rescue, Nature Saskatchewan
  • Candace Neufeld, Grassland Ecologist, Environment Canada
  • Chet Neufeld, Executive Director, Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan
  • Jeff Thorpe, Researcher Emeritus, Saskatchewan Research Council
  • Robert Wright
  • Sarah Vinge-Mazer, Botanist, Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre
  • Beryl Wait, Invasive Species Coordinator, Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre