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Taiga Shield Ecozone
  Selwyn Lake Upland
  Tazin Lake Upland
Boreal Shield Ecozone
  Athabasca Plain
  Churchill River Upland
Boreal Plain Ecozone
  Mid-Boreal Upland
  Mid-Boreal Lowland
  Boreal Transition
Prairie Ecozone
  Aspen Parkland
  Moist Mixed Grassland
  Mixed Grassland
  Cypress Upland

Additional Information:

Ecoregions of Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan - Virtual Herbarium

Ecoregions of Canada: Ecological Framework of Canada

Saskatchewan's Ecoregions
Click an ecoregion on the map or the legend to learn more about it. Map illustrating the Ecozones and Ecoregions of Saskatchewan. Click on an ecoregion to display a pop-up window with more information.

Further Mapping Resources:

HABISask: Online Mapping Application that can be used to view ecoregions on an interactive map. Ecoregions can be found in the map layers under the "Ecological Classification" group.

Government of Saskatchewan ArcGIS REST Service: access the ecoregions map layer in ArcGIS.

GIS map layers can be downloaded from the Government of Canada Open Data site: