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Click on a tab below to expand the selection and view available species lists in PDF and Excel format.

Information in each species list report is current only to the date at which it was published, and this date can be found on each report. As we are frequently updating information in our system, it is advised that you check the SKCDC species lists page for the latest report prior to starting your project.

For more information on how species lists are created, view our page on generating species lists. For descriptions of species conservation rank meanings, see our ranking methodology page.

Every five years, the National General Status of Species in Canada Working Group produces a report on the status of wild species in Canada. The Wild Species 2015 report assessed 29,848 species across Canada and found 20% of these species to be at some risk of extinction. The SKCDC is a member of this working group and many of the species and ranks in our lists have been and continue to be updated as a result of this ongoing project. For the 2015 report, there were over 8900 S-Ranks reviewed, 7000 S-Ranks changed and 4000 new taxa added to the SKCDC's database.

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