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Want to contribute to the biodiversity knowledge of our province, or are just curious about the organisms (plants, animals, insects, fungi) surrounding you? Consider signing up to iNaturalist and joining this helpful and fun community of like-minded people!

With iNaturalist you can submit photos and locations of species you observe in nature, and other users can verify or help figure out what that creature in the photo is. The SKCDC, along with other organizations and scientists, can then use these observations to understand where organisms occur across the globe.

Create an Account

Visit to learn more about how it works and when you're ready, click the sign up link. Fill in the form with your information, or sign in using your existing Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google, Yahoo or SoundCloud accounts.

Join Our SKCDC and iMapInvasives Projects

  1. On the top navigation bar, Click on "Community" and under the sub-menu select "Projects”. In the search bar type "Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre" or "iMapInvasives Saskatchewan". This will bring up these Saskatchewan Projects. These are just two of many Projects you can join in the iNaturalist world, try typing in "Saskatchewan" to see some of the other projects set up nearby!
  2. Select the project name to go to the project page. Click “Join this Project” in the top right hand corner, and follow the steps as prompted. Make sure to make private/obscured observation coordinates visible to project curators by selecting "Yes, no matter who adds the observation to the project". This way, your suitable observations can automatically be added to the project without you having to lift a finger! Alternatively, you can choose "Yes, but only if I add the observation to the project myself" if you only wish to add certain observations yourself. If you check "No", we will not be able to use your observations.
  3. Once you have joined the project, it will show up under the “Projects” section of your dashboard whenever you are logged in.
  4. Now, when you make an observation, you will be able to add it to one of your projects. You can also add old observations to projects by viewing the observation and using the "Add to project" link.

Using the Mobile Application

Download the iNaturalist app for your mobile device on Google Play or the Apple Store, and login to your iNaturalist account. It's completely free!

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Getting Started
To add an observation follow the directions for iPhone, Android, the web or Flickr, or watch the video tutorials.

General Advice

WARNING: DO NOT sign out of the Mobile Application until you upload your observations otherwise the information will be lost.

More Information
iNaturalist Canada is run by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in collaboration with at the California Academy of Sciences. Partners include Parks Canada, NatureServe Canada and Hinterland Who's Who.

For help using iNaturalist, visit iNaturalist's Help / Assistance page.