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View lists of fungi, invertebrate, plant and vertebrate species in Saskatchewan.

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View and submit invasive species observations with iMapInvasives.

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Submit Wild Species Observations

The SKCDC collects information on wild species and relies on submissions of observations from across the province of Saskatchewan. This data is used to inform biodiversity conservation efforts.

How do I report my observations?

Option 1: Submit your observation to and join the SKCDC's project, see our iNaturalist page for details.

Option 2: Submit invasive species observations directly to iMapInvasives.

Option 3: Email us at We have a standard template that can be downloaded below for submitting bulk observations, but you may send your observations directly in an email as well - we want to hear from you!

Observations can be submitted by downloading the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet below and filling out the "Animal" (vertebrates and invertebrates) or "Plant" (vascular/non-vascular plants, fungi and lichen) worksheet.

Fields that are required at minimum are:

Download SKCDC Loadform Download SKCDC Loadform

Research Permit Data Submissions

The Ministry of Environment has standardized loadforms in partnership with the SKCDC for recording wild species observations. These Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are available for download from the Government of Saskatchewan Publications Centre. The Saskatchewan Species Detection Loadform contains separate worksheets for survey summaries, survey standards data, animals and plants.

Data and reports submitted through the research permit process should be directed to for Academic Research permits and to for industry-related Species Detection permits. This includes surveys where a permit is not required but notification is requested. See Government of Saskatchewan Wild Species Research Permitting for details. Please note that this data will be forwarded to the SKCDC, and therefore you only have to submit your data once.


For more information on submitting observations refer to Frequently Asked Questions: Submitting Data and What We Do With It. To learn more about how SKCDC uses species data, visit our methodology section.

If you have any questions regarding submitting observations please contact