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The iMapInvasives Network is excited to announce that the iMapInvasives platform is undergoing major changes this year, leading to a new and greatly improved iMapInvasives 3.0! Current iMapInvasives users will transition to the new platform in Spring 2019. See the iMapInvasives website for details and timelines! Please note that iMapInvasives will be offline from April 1st until the new platform is launched on April 19th. If you have further questions please contact

The Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre administers a GIS-based invasive species mapping & data management tool, iMapInvasives, which provides a platform for open data exchange and communication between regional invasive species efforts. By providing a central data repository for invasive species information, the SKCDC provides easily accessible, up-to-date information for land managers and citizen scientists.

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What is iMapInvasives?

  • An online, interactive invasive species mapping tool for Saskatchewan
  • Stores occurrence, treatment, and survey records for non-native animal and plant species
  • Facilitates Early Detection/Rapid Response through email alerts
  • Data can be submitted through bulk uploads or quality-controlled online submissions
  Who is iMapInvasives for?
  • Land Managers (provincial, local, & community agencies, NGOs): explore existing data & manage your data
  • Researchers: access current and historic non-native species occurrence, treatment, and survey records
  • Citizen Scientists: become a registered user and enter your invasive species sightings
  • Educators: engage students in science lessons while increasing the coverage of the database
How will iMapInvasives support my work?
  • Free access to a province-wide database where you can store and manage your data
  • Newly developed ArcGIS REST service provides organizations with in-house GIS and the ability to access a live link to the iMapInvasives database 
  • Stay connected! Keep up-to-date on other invasive species initiatives in the province
  • Perform GIS spatial analyses and query data by species, location, organization, etc.
  • Set up email alerts for your area and/or species of interest
  • Produce customizable maps and reports

For more information on iMapInvasives visit:

iMapInvasives is an interactive mapping and data management tool for protecting Saskatchewan’s natural resources from the threat of invasive species. It provides versatile mapping resources for monitoring and management, from a local to province-wide level. Data is received through batch uploads and quality-controlled online submissions. 

Data Submission Resources:

Link to Microsoft Excel document Submit your observation and treatment data using our bulk data loadform
Link to PDF document Red Lily Beetle Reporting Guidelines

Don’t see your species of interest on iMapInvasives?
Contact the Invasive Species Coordinator at

Partnering with the Ministry of Environment and a number of regional and provincial conservation organizations, the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre manages information on aquatic invasive species monitoring efforts.

Hitchhiking on watercraft is the most common way invasive plants and animals move between waterbodies. The only way to ensure boaters are not transporting invasive species is to Clean, Drain and Dry their watercraft between each use.

If you find evidence of invasive mussels or other aquatic invasive species (AIS), please call 24-hour TIP line at 1-800-667-7561.

For further information or access to printed outreach materials, contact