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Information on Saskatchewan survey protocols, data loadforms and activity restrictions guidelines.

Access Geographic Information for the Province of Saskatchewan.

HABISask Questions or Feedback:
Please use the "Contact Us" button found within HABISask or contact the Client Service Office:
Call: 1-800-567-4224 (toll free in North America) or 306-787-2584 (Regina).

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HABISask Logo: hunting, angling, biodiversity

HABISask stands for Hunting, Angling and Biodiversity Information of Saskatchewan. HABISask is the Government of Saskatchewan's client-centred, online mapping application that consolidates new information and existing applications.

HABISask may be used to access the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC)'s species occurrence data and to obtain information on species at risk as part of your planning efforts.

Option: SKCDC Data

The SKCDC provides access to detailed information on rare and endangered species for those with a demonstrated need to know. Such needs may include project planning with respect to developments on the landscape, conservation planning, independent confirmation of presence or other uses that do not compromise the likelihood of long-term species or habitat persistence at a given site.

The rare and endangered species map layer is available in HABISask to general users without logging in, but attributes are limited to species group (i.e. animal, vascular plant), and detailed information such as species and observation details are not provided. General users, without a login, are also unable to access the Project Screening Report tool, which enables the creation of a pdf report of biodiversity information within an area. Signing in will also give access to more map layers such as Woodland Caribou, Federal Critical Habitat, Federal Emergency Protection Order, Species Predictive Models, Important Natural Areas and more. Detailed users have read and understand the SKCDC Training Manual and have signed a Data Sharing Agreement with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

Data Sharing Agreements
If you are interested in establishing a data sharing agreement please read the following instructions carefully and completely before contacting the SKCDC. The SKCDC reserves the right to decline requests if the need does not warrant access.
  1. Download the SKCDC Training Manual and Data Sharing Agreement (below).
  2. Thoroughly read the SKCDC Training Manual and Data Sharing Agreement. Contact the SKCDC if you have questions. Each employee expected to use the application is required to read this manual.
  3. Sign the agreement at the back of the manual and send to Please include a brief explanation of your needs.
  4. The agreement must be signed by a principal of the company or an individual responsible for the management of an office, and must be accompanied by a note acknowledging submission of the agreement.
  5. Once the SKCDC has received a signed copy of the Data Sharing Agreement and if approved we will contact you to set up a user name and password. We will assign one user name and password per office that may be shared among users. Please contact the SKCDC within five business days should a user’s employment terminate and there are concerns over possible misuse of information.

Please review the training manual for information on conservation ranks, the SKCDC database, element occurrences, sensitivity issues, external data use guidelines, and more.

Link to PDF document Download the SKCDC Training Manual & Data Sharing Agreement
Link to PDF document Review the HABISask Users Guide to begin familiarizing with the new application

View our quick start guide to working with the SKCDC's data in HABISask.

Accessing Data Outside of HABISask

The SKCDC species occurrence data can be accessed through an ArcGIS REST service from the Government of Saskatchewan ArcGIS REST Services Directory. Map services allow you to connect directly to the data and use it in ArcGIS. The layer is named "RareSpeciesGeneral", or "RareSpeciesDetailed" if signed in. Further map layers of interest may be found under the Wildlife folder.

Users with a HABISask account can be given access to the detailed service by sending a request to the SKCDC's data manager. If using ArcGIS, a connection will need to be created in ArcCatalog - see this help document for adding connections to ArcGIS Server. For advanced functionality (e.g., access the attribute table, change symbology, download a maximum of 6,000 features, etc.), use the feature service as opposed to the map service.

HABISask does not enable downloads of datasets at this time. Some public datasets found on HABISask are available for download from the Government of Saskatchewan's GeoHub.

Questions & Feedback

HABISask will continue to improve as new functions and data are added to the application. Please submit your feedback through the "Contact Us" button found within HABISask.