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Photograph Use

Photograph Use is restricted to private, not for profit use and photographs are not to be redistributed.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Staff may use these photographs for Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment work. Appropriate credit is required.

Commercial, for-profit use includes paid consulting work on behalf of non-profit or for-profit agencies, textbooks, magazines, journals, local floras, and other printed media that is sold for profit as well as web pages for commercial enterprises. This use must be negotiated with the photographer copyright holder or contributing organization.

Image Database

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The photos in this archive are the property of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, or have been provided by other photographers. After each photo name and description is the name of the photographer and copyright holder. 

If you use images from our web site, the credit should be given as "Photographer name © copyright holder", where "Photographer name" & "copyright holder" are replaced appropriately.

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We cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy of the identifications of the plants in this collection of photographs.

Many of these photographs have been contributed by native plant enthusiasts who were not trained as botanists. Occasionally we discover that the plant in a photo has been incorrectly identified by the photographer. Typically the species is incorrect, but the genus is not; we have found that the identification at the genus level are fairly reliable for this database. Nevertheless, mistakes do occur.

Please notify the SKCDC for corrections.

Need higher resolution images than the ones we have on the web? Request an image. Given a little time, we may be able to custom-rescan images for you for appropriate purposes.

This database may be sited as:
Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre, 2012. SKCDC Image Database.
(accessed: ).