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Updated Species Lists
January 31st, 2022

Species lists have been updated and posted to our species list page. Most updates are a result of the 2020 program on the General Status of Species in Canada.

A new field called "Origin" has been added to the excel species lists to denote whether a species is of native, exotic, or unknown/undetermined origin.

Summary of Noteworthy Changes to the Vertebrate List:

Migratory species subnational (S) ranks have been updated to only include the migratory (M) rank qualifier if it is different from the most secure breeding (B) or nonbreeding (N) qualifier. For example, if the subnational rank was S3B,S3M it will now appear as S3B, and means the same thing. For another example, a status of S3B,S5N,S5M is equivalent to S3B,S5N.

Tracking List Additions:

Scientific name changes, including updates to birds from the 2021 AOS Supplement:

Summary of Noteworthy Vascular Plant Tracking List Changes:

Name Updates:

Taxonomic Updates:

New Species Confirmed in Sask:

New Species Awaiting Confirmation in Sask:

Information in each species list report is current only to the date at which it was published, and this date can be found on each report. As we are frequently updating information in our system, it is advised that you check the SKCDC species lists page for the latest report prior to starting your project.

For more information on how species lists are created, view our page on generating species lists. For descriptions of species conservation rank meanings, see our ranking methodology page (an update of new migratory ranking rules described above to come). For further questions or if you notice any errors or omissions, please contact


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