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Recent News

May 2023 COSEWIC Updates
May 12th, 2023: The spring 2023 COSEWIC meeting has resulted in the following updates for SK: Great Plains Toad - Special Concern (no change); Eastern Red Bat - Endangered (new); Hoary Bat - Endangered (new); Silver-haired Bat - Endangered (new). For details, see the COSEWIC website. SKCDC Vertebrate Animal Species lists have been updated to reflect these changes, including adding the three bats to the SKCDC's tracking list.
February 2023 Species at Risk Act Updates
February 27th, 2023: Orders Amending Schedule 1 to the Species at Risk Act (SARA) were published in February, 2023. For full details, see the Government of Canada Species at Risk Public Registry (part 1 and part 2). The SKCDC's vertebrate and invertebrate animal species lists have been republished with the updates. The following amendments have been made for species within SK:
  • Greater Short-horned Lizard - Special Concern (previously Endangered)
  • Common Nighthawk - Special Concern (previously Threatened)
  • Olive-sided Flycatcher - Special Concern (previously Threatened)
  • Nine-spotted Lady Beetle - Endangered (added)
  • Harris’s Sparrow - Special Concern (added)
  • Removed: Peregrine Falcon anatum/tundrius (previously Special Concern)
Species Lists Updated
February 17th, 2023: The SKCDC Provincial Species Lists have been updated. Newly posted for this year is a spreadsheet with a summary of updates between the species lists that were posted in 2022 and the current lists (2023). Highlighted changes include the following scientific name updates for vascular plants:
  • Packera streptanthifolia has been updated to Packera streptanthifolia var. streptanthifolia
  • Gaura coccinea has been updated to Oenothera suffrutescens
  • Urtica dioica ssp. gracilis has been updated to Urtica gracilis ssp. gracilis
November 2022 COSEWIC Updates
December 27th, 2022: The fall 2022 COSEWIC meeting has resulted in the following updates for SK: Eastern Whip-poor-will - Special Concern (previously Threatened), Plains Sucker (Missouri population) - Threatened, Plains Sucker (Saskatchewan Nelson population) - Special Concern, Slender Mouse-ear-cress - Threatened (no change), and Small-flowered Sand-verbena - Special Concern (previously Endangered). For details, see the COSEWIC website. HABISask has been updated to reflect these changes, and new species lists will be posted to the SKCDC's website in early 2023.
Staff Update
December 27th, 2022: After a long career with the SKCDC, Jeff Keith has retired as SKCDC Coordinator. Congratulations, Jeff and welcome Jeanette Pepper - the SKCDC's new coordinator! Visit our staff page for staff bios or contact us page for contact information.
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