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SKCDC Field Work Update
October 16, 2017: Visit our projects page to see what SKCDC staff have been out searching for these past few summers. This year, surveys were conducted for Ord's Kangaroo Rats, breeding birds, Small White Lady's-slippers (Cypripedium candidum), and Fascicled Ironweed (Vernonia fasculata), see the details! A Community for Naturalists
August 2, 2017: With iNaturalist you can submit photos and locations of species you observe in nature, and other users can verify or help figure out what that creature in the photo is. The SKCDC, along with other organizations and scientists, can then use these observations to understand where organisms occur across the globe. You can also join our SKCDC and iMapInvasives projects! Learn more.
Wild Species 2015 Report
July 4, 2017: Every five years, the National General Status Working Group produces a report on the status of wild species in Canada. The 2015 report assessed 29,848 species across Canada and found 20% of these species to be at some risk of extinction. The report was released June 16th and can now be downloaded from the Wild Species web site.
Invasive Species Information Cards
June 5, 2017: New invasive species information cards have been posted to our invasives page under additional resources. Instructions for printing may be found on the last page.
Aquatic Invasive Species and Adult Invasive Mussel Monitoring Forms
June 1, 2017: Data submission guidelines and reporting forms for Adult Invasive Mussel Monitoring (AIMM) and aquatic invasive species have been updated for 2017 and posted to our invasives page under the Data Reporting Resources and the AIMM tabs. These forms have been created to facilitate upload of this information into iMapInvasives.
April COSEWIC Assessments
May 15, 2017: COSEWIC assessments for nine species in Saskatchewan have been released this past April.
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Species Previous Status Current Status
Ord's Kangaroo Rat Endangered Endangered
Burrowing Owl Endangered Endangered
Lake Sturgeon (Western Hudson Bay population) Endangered Endangered
Lake Sturgeon (SK Nelson River population) Not Applicable Endangered
Lark Bunting Not Applicable Threatened
Harris's Sparrow Not Applicable Special Concern
Rusty Blackbird Special Concern Special Concern
Bullsnake Data Deficient Special Concern
Rusty Cord-moss Endangered Special Concern
Deepwater Sculpin (Western Hudson Bay and Western Arctic populations) Not Applicable Not at Risk
See the COSEWIC website for full details.

The SKCDC species lists have been updated to reflect these changes; please clear your cache or refresh the page to download the latest versions. All COSEWIC listed species are tracked by the SKCDC, so make sure to send us your observations!

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