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May 2022 COSEWIC Updates
May 30th, 2022: SKCDC's Vertebrate and Invertebrate Animal Species Lists have been updated to reflect the most recent COSEWIC wildlife species assessments. Updates for SK are as follows: Dusky Dune Moth - Threatened (previously Endangered), Bobolink - Special Concern (previously Threatened), and Brassy Minnow (Missouri population) - Special Concern.
Species Lists Updated
January 31, 2022: SKCDC's species lists have been updated. Read about some of the noteworthy updates here. A mail-out with this information has also been sent out to subscribers - please check your spam folders if you do not see it! Efforts are underway to reduce the amount of mail-outs ending up in spam.
November 2021 COSEWIC Updates
January 31, 2022: The SKCDC's species lists include COSEWIC statuses. In the November/December COSEWIC meetings, the following SK species were assessed: Black-footed Ferret (remains Extirpated), Greater Prairie-Chicken (remains Extirpated), Greater Sage-Grouse (remains Endangered), Mountain Plover (remains Endangered), and Sage Thrasher (remains Endangered).
Species at Risk Act Amendments - August 2021
January 31, 2022: The SKCDC's species lists include Species at Risk Act (SARA) statuses current to the date they were created. In August, 2021, an order amending the Schedule 1 of SARA was published. Changes for SK included adding the Bullsnake and Transverse Lady Beetle as Special Concern. The Golden-eye Lichen (Prairie/Boreal population), recently discovered in SK, was also added as Special Concern.
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