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Species List Updates
February 6th, 2024: The SKCDC Provincial Species Lists have been updated and posted to the species list page. See the summary of updates for a detailed list of changes since they were last posted.
December 2023 Species at Risk Act (SARA) Updates
Orders Amending Schedule 1 to the Species at Risk Act (SARA) were published December 8th, 2023. For full details, see the Government of Canada Species at Risk Public Registry. The following amendments have been made for species within SK:
  • Endangered: Monarch (Danaus plexippus)
  • Threatened: Western Bumble Bee, occidentalis subspecies (Bombus occidentalis occidentalis)
December 2023 COSEWIC Meetings
The December 2023 Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) meetings reassessed two species that occur in Saskatchewan, the Horned Grebe and Yellow Rail. Both remain Special Concern.
General Status of Wild Species in Canada
Every five years, the National General Status of Species in Canada Working Group produces a report on the status of wild species in Canada. The SKCDC is a member of this working group and many of the species and ranks in our lists have been updated as a result of this ongoing project. 12,000 Saskatchewan species had ranks assigned in the 2020 report and the SKCDC has completed its incorporation of this information into our database. Work for the 2025 report is underway.
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