Aspen Parkland

Aspen Parkland Map
Hectares: 8,157,000 ha (13%)

In its native state, this ecoregion is characterized by a mosaic of aspen groves and fescue grasslands. Along its southern boundary, aspen groves dot a predominantly grassland landscape, while the northern parts exhibit a more continuous cover of aspen. Locally, grasslands occupy the drier upper and south-facing slopes, while aspen is found on the moist lower, mid- and north-facing slopes.

This is in contrast to the southern grassland ecoregions where aspen is found only around sloughs, or in valleys and sandhill areas. Bur oak is found sporadically along the Qu'Appelle River valley and its tributaries. Glacial till landscapes characterized by short, steep slopes and numerous, undrained depressions or sloughs are prevalent, and provide an ideal habitat for ducks and other waterfowl. White-tailed deer is the most prominent wildlife species. Coyote, hare, fox and Richardson's ground squirrel are also prevalent.

Typical birds include house wren, least flycatcher, western kingbird and yellow warbler. Due to the favourable climate and fertile, loamy, black soils, most of the land is cultivated, producing a diversity of crops including cereals and oilseeds as well as forages and several specialty crops.


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